Here are a few things to know for your first meeting

  • 12 Step meetings are mutual support groups. We share our experience our strength and our hope.  Everyone at the meeting shares as an equal. We listen and refrain from comments, advice, cross talk or distracting behavior.
  • At your first meeting, you are free to talk just listen, you can say “I pass,” or explain that you’d just like to listen.
  • We maintain anonymity of members and do not repeat anything said at the meeting.
  • Every meeting is different. Each meeting has the autonomy to be run as its members choose, within guidelines designed to promote 12 Step unity. We recommend that you try at least six different meetings before you decide if what would be helpful to you.
  • 12 Step meetings are not  religious. 
  • The meeting will likely begin with a reading of the Twelve Steps  
  • In order to promote our autonomy, our 12 Step Programs are totally self supporting and count on a voluntary donation (suggested 20 pesos) to keep going. 

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